A brief history timeline of Guy's Cliffe House...

452AD St.Dubricius founded an Oratory dedicated to St.Mary Magdalene. Later he became the 1st Bishop of Warwick.

929AD 'Sir Guy of Warwick' area became Hermitage.

970AD 'Sir Guy of Warwick' reputedly dies in 'Guy's Cave'

1158 Roger Earl of Warwick gave Hermitage to St.Sepulchre's priory Warwick. Chapel of St.Mary Magdalene served by Secular Priests from Warwick Castle

1312 Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall and favourite of King Edward, executed in 1312 at Blacklow Hill in sight of Guy's Cliffe

1327 Thomas de Lewis, a hermit at Guy's Cliffe, possessed the 'King's Letters' offering him protections.

1359-1401 Guy's Cliffe is confiscated from Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, given to Earl of Kent, later Duke of Surrey and eventually restored to Thomas Beauchamp.

1409 John Burry is recorded as being a hermit at Guy's Cliffe.

1420 Guy's Cliffe visited by King Henry V who wished to found a Chantry there for two priests.

1422 Richard Beauchamp obtained licence for two priests, these were, Will Berkswell, later Dean of Collegiate Church, Warwick and John Bevington.

1432 Chapel of St.Mary Magdalene & Cottage for Priests built in stone on the site of the Oratory and Hermitage. John Rous also becomes a Chantry Priest at St.Mary Magdalene.

1534 Survey by King Henry VIII. Chantry valued at 17=2=3d. The priests at the time were, Nicholas Lunnder and Thomas Moor.

1536 Dissolution of the Monasteries - Chantry at Guy's Cliffe, St.Mary Magdalene, overlooked.

1546 Further survey by King Henry VIII. Chantry valued at 19=10=6d. The priests were Thomas Moor and Roger Higham.

1547 Obtained by Sir Andrew Flammock who removed the Priests Cottage and build a substantial Tudor house, granted by Royal Licence.

1560 Siezed by William Flammock and later passed to Katherine Flammock.

1581 Ownership granted to John Colbourne by Queen Elizabeth I after his marriage to Katherine Flammock.

1583 Sold to William Hudson, Baliff of Warwick. Later passed to Ursula Hudson, daughter of William.

1584 Ursula Hudson married Thomas Beaufoy of Emscote, taking up residence at Guy's Cliffe.

1619 Inherited by Henry Beaufoy, son of Sir Thomas Beaufoy.

1672 Leased to Mr Geruise.

1674 Leased to Mr Somerville.

1700 Inherited by Dame Charlotte Beaufoy of Emscote.

To be continued...

A brief history timeline of Guy's Cliffe House...